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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is an integrated part of the organization’s responsibility, and all members of the emergency preparedness teams are part of the organization. An onshore duty manager is available 24/7 at the main office.


The emergency preparedness is managed through a three level function:


§  The Offshore Emergency Response Team (ERT) on board the FPSO
§  First line of defense, attain control of the situation to secure personnel, environment and assets


§  The Onshore Emergency Support Team (EST) onshore at main office and shore base location.
§  Support ERT with required resources, technical enquiries, logistic support etc.
§  Manage onshore activities.


§  The Crisis Management Team (CMT) at the main office.
§  Strategic planning
§  Manage information and communication with external parties

The organization utilize a “Proactive crises and emergency management” technique, which is a systematic decision-, planning- and work -method utilized by the emergency and crises teams to respond to, and manage an emergencies or crises.

All emergencies shall be respond to and managed to actively preserve and maintain the company values and assets by the following order of priority:

1.       People
2.       Environment
3.       Assets
4.       Reputation

The teams are training in different emergency scenarios several times per year through major exercises as well as through workshops and tabletop exercises on specific themes.